What Is The Personality Of Indira Gandhi

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Sagrika Ghosh’s bare knuckle biography of Indira Gandhi shows the life and insights of the life of Indira Gandhi. She is fondly remembered as Durga who won India its first decisive military victory in centuries and the strong stateswoman who had the courage to look at the American bullying in the eye and not blink. In the beguile? story of her life, journalist Sagrika Ghosh has excavated not just Indira the iron lady and powerful dictator but also the flesh and blood lady. It has been 33 years since she was assassinated but the shadow of Indira Gandhi continues to loom over Indian politics. Even today she holds on public imagination as India’s first woman Prime Minister, the architect of the major military victories and the prime move of the…show more content…
She writes obsession with household order" overrode her "intellectual scruples over democratic norms"cite. Indira was obsessed with maintaining order both at home as well in politics. This dominating attitude is an integral part of her personality. Indira’s relationship with her father has been portrayed beautifully. On one hand where it was complicated. She adored him but also rebelled at the same time. Her father always wanted her to be a powerful independent woman. He wanted her to be healthy and he taught her different sports but Indira was someone who was always unwell and came out as a disappointment to her father. When Nehru was in jail he would write her letters about how she should learn different sports and do yoga to stay fit. He felt that illness is a sign of the weak. Later in life when Indira dropped out of Oxford she came as disappointment to her father who was very upset at this decision of her. Furthermore, when she decided to marry Feroz Gandhi, Nehru rejected it because he was from a lower caste and a different religion. Also, there were rumors of him being a drunkard and this made Nehru think that it would affect his political career. The relationship of Indira and Nehru was close but not very warm and
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