What Is The Pity Of War

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Position Statement: Niall Ferguson
The Cause of WWI

The Pity of War: Explaining World War I, published in 1999, generated much controversy since the central argument of the book is that it would have been more beneficial for Europe if Britain had stayed out of the First World War in 1914, thereby allowing Germany to win. In one of my interviews with The Guardian newspaper, I state that Britain entering first World war was the biggest error in modern history. I am not overestimating my claim and here is why.

The Pity of War, argues that the British decision to intervene in this total war is what stopped Germany from its victory in 1914-15. Moreover, I disagree with the interpretation of some German historians point of view of the cause of
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Let us think about this for a moment, what would have happened to the European continent if it weren’t for WWI and how differently would Europe and the World be shaped? A hypothetical version of Europe is presented in the book where it states that if Europe was under Imperial German domination, then it would be a peaceful, prosperous and democratic continent without ideologies such as communism or fascism. Only if Germany had won the War in 1914-15 if the UK would not have intervened then lives of millions would have been saved. The total number of military and civilian casualties in WWI were over 38 million, over 17 million deaths and 20 million wounded. The Great War is ranked amongst the deadliest conflicts in human history, all of this could have been prevented with a simple command. The European Union would have been founded in 1914 and Britain would have remained an Empire as well as the world's dominant financial power if Germany had won the war.

Overall, I blame one country in particular for the eruption of the World War, the UK. I strongly believe that Britain could have lived with a German victory and should have stayed out of the
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