What Is The Plot Of The Amistad

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The Amistad the (movie)

This essay is about the Amistad, the Amistad is a movie based on real events that happened in that time(approximately in the 19th century, it is also before the civil war) the Amistad was a ship, the movie was directed by Steven Spielberg, he directed a lot of movies like Jaws, E.T, and also Jurassic park 3d, the Amistad took place in the civil war time, the conditions in that time were bad, they had slavery in the southern states and the slavery was forbidden.

The plot of the movie started when the slaves of the Amistad took over the ship and they left only 2 Spanish people alive so they can take them back to Africa, but they miss directed the ship and they took them to the southern United States were captured
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