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The author Paul Laurence Dunbar wants the readers to acknowledge how he uses concrete and abstract in his poem called "Life". Throughout his poem he uses concrete to make us feel how sadness takes over happiness most of the time, the other strategy the author uses is abstract he uses it in a deep matter he makes you think something that isn't normal that you can't visualize, he uses it a lot but also combines it with concrete as well. This connects with something about my personal point of view so far because I also feel that I can’t enjoy life as much as I would want but there's always another bad side and it's the problems that make you fall in depression and other stuff that has to do with sadness. In the poem "Life" the writer expresses…show more content…
He demonstrated us his point of view by using abstract when he said "A minute to smile an hour to weep in" it is important to know that he uses abstract and concrete as well. He used abstract when he said "A minute" and "an hour" these nouns are things you can't feel or sense. It tells you how a smile only lasts a minute compare when you're sad you start crying he used the verb "weep" for crying and notice how he said an hour which the noun hour it's another word you can't sense you can only imagine it. He also used concrete by using "smile" and "weep" those are things you can even do besides feeling it with your 5 senses. Another great example he used for abstract is when he said "A crust of bread and a corner to sleep in" this demonstrates how even poverty is part of being sad most of the time. "A crust of bread" meaning very little food this is abstract because you can see a crust of bread something that you can see but not sense as well and when he also said "a corner to sleep in" this is really what you can see someone sleeping in a corner not necessary a corner but somewhere that is not comfortable at all. The author also includes "And joy seems sweater when cares comes after" in my point of view I think this is abstract because how he used "sweater" and "cares" those are words you can't feel only imagine it I also think it's abstract because it's demonstrating you how in people only comes around when you are hurt or in pain and when they look out for you, you feel like they care about you but in reality they don't really care but you can image the joy
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