What Is The Point Of View Of The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

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The boy in the striped pajamas is expressed through the eyes of a boy who has no clue that it is World War 2. John Boyne tells this story in many different points of view. The story is about a young boy named Bruno who moves with his family to a concentration camp, because his father has just gotten the job as head of the camp. No one will tell him why he’s actually there, and the camp is very barren and arid. I agree with John Boyne expressing the terrible events of the holocaust through the eyes if a child.
John Boyne gives various feelings for every character in the story. For example: Bruno’s perspective shows that he has no idea why he is at Out-With, while his father knows that they are there because it is his father’s job to run the
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Possibly one of the reasons the author wrote this story from a child’s perspective was he wanted to tell what kids thought was going on during the holocaust. I think his decision to write the story this way affected the story by not showing key details, and didn’t show what was really going on at the camp. In addition to this I think it was a good idea coming from a kid stand point rather than an adult standpoint, because a adults would be more opinionated.
I thought that the story showed a lot of imagery. I think that the author wanted us to see firsthand what Bruno was seeing through the window in his room. He does a good job describing what Bruno sees and how he feels about what he is seeing. Boyne writes in the story as if Bruno is a dog wanting to explore the camp, but his parents will not let him, because they want to hide him from the truth. The author did an astounding job using literary elements in the story.
All in all John Boyne did a fabulous job writing this story to describe the holocaust from a child’s stand point. This story showed all the terrible things that happened during the holocaust, and hoe kids had to endure the hardships. We should all learn what happened during the mass genocide, and we should never let it happen again. We should respect everybody, it is not our job to judge other
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