What Is The Potential For Addiction?

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6. Addiction- What is the potential for addiction? Is it physical or psychological? How severe is the addiction? Getting addicted to meth is not very hard. Because the dopamine release feels so pleasing, many people become obsessed and chase that feeling over and over again. Methamphetamine is known as one of the easiest drugs to become addicted to. The addiction is very severe, many people relapse after long periods without the drug. However, the more the drug is used, the harder it is to receive a “high”. Methamphetamine is both psychologically and physically addictive. The drug is known to be psychologically addictive because users have anxiety while in withdrawal to the drug. The drug is also physically addictive because the body creates a tolerance to it and there are negative symptoms when the drug is withdrawn. Because methamphetamine is both physically and psychologically addictive, the drug should be taken extra cautiously. 7. Withdrawal- What happens to the body and mind when a person tries to quit using the drug? How long do the effects last? What are the potential side effects/consequences of withdrawals? When coming down from the drug, the user enters a state of depression and causes sickness, which usually leads to more drugs to prevent this. Withdrawal leads to depression, anxiety, extreme fatigue, and a craving for more of the methamphetamine. Because the user rarely eats while the high, withdrawal creates an increase in appetite. Obviously the mind…
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