What Is The Power In The Count Of Monte Cristo

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In the book “The Count of Monte Cristo” written by Alexandre Dumas the source of power used and represented for the majority of the novel was State Action/Government. In the beginning of the text, a young sailor by the name of Dantes was attending his own betrothal feast, he was preparing to marry the love of his life, a beautiful girl named Mercedes. However during the feast Edmond was approached by multiple officials “Open in the name of law! Cried a resounding voice...The door opened and a police commissary entered, followed by 4 armed soldiers led by a corporal...I have a warrant for arrest, and I must do my duty. Which one of you is Edmond Dantes… you are under arrest.” (Dumas 19) This shows how forceful these people were. Dantes couldn’t simply neglect their presence, as a result…show more content…
He talks how he landed on the island of Elba and was given a letter by a Marshall to be delivered to Paris. The fact that he was just carrying out orders of his dying Captain made him seem to be innocent. Villefort ready to release Dantes, however Dantes reveals to him to whom the letter was addressed to, as a result he immediately changes his mind. The letter was addressed to a man named Noirtier, who happens to be Villefort's father. Villefort must now try to get rid of the letter for the sake of his name. He then burns the letter, and tells Dantes to deny its existence. “A thunderbolt could not have struck more suddenly or unexpectedly he sank back into his chair, from which he had risen to pick up the bundle of papers that had been taken from Dantes, drew out the faithful letter and glanced at it with indescribable terror. Monsieur Noirtier, 13 Rue Coq-Heron, he murmured, turning still paler” (Dumas 28) In the end he ended up imprisoning a poor 19 year old boy, just based on the fact that he didn’t want him to get imprisoned, if it weren’t for Villefort’s governmental standpoint, odds are he would never get
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