What Is The Pre Referral Process?

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Addie Fiedler EDSP 462 IRIS Module 3/20/16 1. What is the pre-referral process? According to the IRIS module, the pre-referral process is, “a preventative measure that can help to eliminate inappropriate referrals to special education.” A pre-referral can help support and guide the general education teacher when they have students within their classrooms that show academic or behavioral problems. When students are involved in a pre-referral process, teachers should use this as a guide to come up with more effective strategies for their students, instead of thinking that the next step will automatically be special education services. Just because a student has problematic behaviors, does not mean that he or she will require special education services. 2. What are the stages of the pre-referral process and what do they involve? Stages Description 1. Initial concern regarding a student’s progress The initial concern is when a teacher, parent, or school staff member begins to have concerns about a student’s academic or behavioral performance. These concerns can be expressed formally or informally. 2. Information gathering During the information gathering stage, information about the student is gathered by a variety of team members. The information collected can include previous instructional methods that have been implemented, the student’s skill level, the student’s background knowledge as well as experiences, and expectations for at school and at home for academic

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