What Is The Problem Of Food Insecurity Essay

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The American household has access to enough food for a healthy lifestyle, for all members of the household. The low-income households have a difficult time for providing enough food to all household members due to a lack of resources.
Food insecurity is limited or uncertain access to food which is an economic and social problem for the world. Hunger and food insecurities are experienced by people around the world. The United States food insecurity is factored from poverty or individuals with health problems. Other countries struggle with food insecurity because of discrimination, natural disaster, and population overgrowth.
Adults who are chronically ill and on disability are at risk for having poor diets. Making it hard to cook or shop for meals. Substance abuse and mental illness adults usually don't have access to fresh or healthy foods. If a person becomes homeless they have to rely on church, charity and assistance programs to help them.
Discrimination is a problem in other countries. Race, gender, and educational level can contribute to the problem of discrimination what exists within the nation and local level. Vulnerable groups that are discriminated include women, elderly, refugees,orphans, migrant workers and people with disabilities and low to no education. Political
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Money is cheaper to sending food to another country, where money can buy local food. A downfall of this type of aid is that the funds can come late and be distributed to the wrong communities that are in need. The cost of to transport food can become expensive, using local food to feed communities. Food aid helps deter people giving money and spending it elsewhere. Food usually is not traded for money and food aid is less settable to corruption. Both monetary aid and food aid have major benefits, each situation differs and you have to look at the problems to determine the most effective
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