What Is The Problem Statement For Atomica

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Atomica, COMM 231-631
Yanqing Wang
Queen’s University

Executive Summary
Atomica needs to be unique and different in order to make it stand out and success among strong competitors in downtown Kingston. This study provides suggestions to the owner Tim Pater on differentiating and increasing revenue of the restaurant.
Problem Statement
Tim Pater is faced with the dual challenge of differentiating Atomica Pizza and Wine Bar from all of the other downtown restaurants and increasing revenue. Food is an elastic good that demand for it could fluctuate wildly depending on the price. Rising prices made it difficult to survive among competitors, so Atomica needs to find out ways to increase sales without decreasing margins.
Situation Analysis
Strengths: Atomica offers well-prepared, fast and inexpensive authentic Italian food with locally sourced and premium ingredients to support local farms and microbreweries. It has developed stable relationships with local farmers and food producers to meet the chefs’ needs on fresh ingredients. Atomica has a wide variety of foods and drinks with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options include traditional thin crust, fresh Italian pasta, craft beer from the local brewery and contemporary cocktails. It has a complete dining experience that includes unique music and modern décor to its cuisine.
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The increasing number of students from Queen’s University and Royal Military College and visitor provides a chance for Atomica to increase its revenue. Atomica builds and maintains local community relations to promote itself by partnering with many local festivals and events. It also participates in a customer loyalty program that allows customers exchange points for rewards, which help it compete against large national
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