What Is The Purnell Model Of Cultural Competence

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The awareness of the cultural diversity, and defining the ethnocultural in relationship with the health caree practices in the multicultural society has a significant impact among the health care providers. The plan of care provided for the patients that begins with assessment, planning and providing measures and interventions are the key in delivering effective, efficient and high-quality health care. Thus, the knowledge provided by studying the cultural diversity promotes the understanding on the implementation of the health care across ethnocultural society.
The cultural competence starts with the understanding and reflecting one’s culture to further understand another culture. Hence, provides efficient, quality health care to a multicultural society. The effectiveness of the health care services among the health care providers embrace the unlimited and continuous understanding and broad perspective of an open-minded connection with the increasing diversity of the society.
In this study, the Purnell Model of Cultural Competence, improve the knowledge regarding the diverse cultures. The domain in the Purnell Model for Cultural Competence enhance the individual perception and delivers an appropriate approach based on the diverse cultures of the community. Thus, the understanding the cultural competence among the health care provider lead to a positive result in health care and patient compliance with treatment.
The Purnell Model for Cultural Competence provide a holistic
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