What Is The Purpose Of Ich Bin Ein Berliner

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No. of characters Introduction
This analysis will look to determine the following questions about John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s speech Ich bin ein Berliner:
What was the purposes of him giving this speech?
Through what means did he achieve this purpose?
I will be using rhetorical analysis to determine how he has built his speech and get a hint of his motive behind giving the speech. I will also dive into the speech acts of the text to determine what he is specially doing with his word choice. After each analysis there will be a very short partial conclusion of the paragraph. In the end I will sum up the main points and answer the questions I have stated above.
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It is a very famous speech and it is very emotional. In the speech he is addressing the people of West Berlin and talking about the pride they should feel by being from Berlin. A large part of the speech consists of him portraying the communist system as the wrong system of the democratic is the correct one. He also makes himself seem like a guest rather than a leader and generally takes the emotional path in the
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