What Is The Purpose Of Life? Essay

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Why Live? What is the purpose of life? What drives you to wake up every morning? Aristotle says through his lectures later published in Nicomachean Ethics that humans ought to have a purpose, an end goal, which they are constantly striving for. Aristotle defines this end goal as “happiness.” However, his definition is different than our modern definition. He says, “Since happiness is a certain sort of activity of the soul in accord with complete virtue, we must explore virtue” (16). Happiness is not a feeling; it is a state of being. He says that we are responsible for our own happiness because we have rational souls composed of two parts: intellectual and moral. Each is composed of virtues, which are moral characteristics to practice in our daily life. The virtues are courage, generosity, moderation, wit, truthfulness, friendliness, magnificence, magnanimity, and mildness. By possessing these virtues we feel accomplished and are closer to achieving the highest human good. No one can achieve these virtues for us. We must do it ourselves thus making us directly responsible for our own happiness. These virtues make us happy because they are desires of the soul and give us a sense of accomplishment. Aristotle says that we are responsible for our own happiness because we can rationally and consciously choose to live a virtuous life to reach the highest human good. Humans are the only beings that are responsible for their own happiness, since we are capable of reason. This
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