What Is The Purpose Of Life?

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What Is The Purpose Of Life? Probably the MVP of questions, "What is the purpose of life?", Has come across all of mankinds thought 's some time or another and for each individual, it is plausible that they pondered this topic on numerous occasions throughout their life 's. Many people find solace in their religions, others look to the ancients and the stars, while some, just trust in nature. Maybe within all of these outlooks, you can find truths about the meaning of life, but is the meaning or purpose of life the same for each individual? Within this paper I am going to touch on some viewpoints of some religions, the ancients and nature, to aid in the discussion as well as share my views on what the objective of life is.…show more content…
Where the teachings of Sadhguru and the bible diverge, is with purpose. Although the bible may not come out clearly and say what the purpose of human beings as a whole is, it is clear that characters within the bible in which Christianity and Judaism are based had a purpose. For example; Moses, Mary, and even Judas, without these people and what they did or produced, there would be no great story, no bible and no religious foundation to stand on. (2.) Whether you look at the bible as true or not, what is true is that humankind has progressed as a species and society from learning from our past and each other, without the building blocks of the best of human thoughts and expressions, we would have nothing to build from. Moving on to the 'Ancients," it is clear to the Ancient Egyptians that how you lived your life here on earth affected your afterlife as depicted in the weighing of a person 's heart against the feather of Maat. (3.a) Since we are talking about the Ancient Egyptians, without them documenting their achievements, I wonder how far behind as a so-called evolved species we would be presently? The origins of many building blocks of modern society can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, from our calendar to medicine. (4.a; b) Another great civilization that has contributed enormous knowledge to modern civilization, the Ancient Greeks have some interesting views that can be enlightening for this topic. In a
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