What Is The Purpose Of Nutrition Facts On Food Products?How

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What is the purpose of Nutrition Facts on food products? How many people depend on nutrition labels to buy healthy food? The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires all pre-packaged food products to include a Nutrition Facts label. The purpose of these labels is to inform the public about the nutritional value and ingredients in certain foods. The current format of food labels was updated in May 2016, but a new label is currently being developed. The estimated compliance date for this new label is July 26, 2017 (fda.gov). Changes in eating habits over the past decade caused the need for a new format because typical serving sizes have increased and added sugars have gained attention. The new format does not appear on…show more content…
So now serving sizes will be more realistic to reflect how much people typically eat at one time” (fda.gov). This fact reestablishes the main purpose of the servings section as well as highlights the importance of being able to accurately read and understand what is considered a serving. If one does not consume the established serving size, then the rest of the information included on the nutrition label is meaningless. Directly below the servings section is the calorie sector. Most individuals know about calories because they are believed to be the contents in food which make society overweight. This false definition of calories is what gives them a bad reputation. The scientific definition of a calorie is “a unit used in measuring the amount of energy food provides when eaten and digested,” so calories are not always harmful or dangerous elements (dictionary.cambridge.org). A human’s body needs calories to function, but too many calories is the main cause of common chronic diseases, such as obesity and high blood pressure. The number of calories an individual should consume daily relies on several factors: age, genetics, activity level, and metabolic rate. The recommended number of calories for adult females ranges from sixteen hundred to twenty-four hundred and from two thousand to three thousand for adult males (health.gov). These averages are provided in ranges because of the various factors that influence the number of
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