What Is The Purpose Of The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho

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Analysis on Purpose in the Works of Paulo Coelho Every person has pondered or will at one time ponder the question of their purpose in life. This is simply because purpose is the sole reason for existence, so a person must contemplate the question in order to go about their days. And everybody that has gone looking for the answer, has come back empty handed. The universe allows for life but it doesn’t leave the slightest clue as to why it was provided. It’s true that if a person looks to the universe, they won’t find any answer, but what they will find is endless amount of interpretations. And in this way the universe can take a person on an introspective journey to find their own interpretation. Once a person can find their own interpretation…show more content…
Realizing one’s purpose can be a journey in itself. In two of Coelho's novels: “The Alchemist” and “The Pilgrimage,” he writes of miraculous journeys. In “The Alchemist,” a boy named Santiago is faced with fork in his life and must decide how he interprets his own purpose. In “The Pilgrimage,” A man named Paulo is very clear on his purpose, but faces many tribulations to realize it. Coelho's writings not only shows the importance of finding one’s own interpretation, but also give uplifting messages about the hope and perseverance necessary in accomplishing the purpose. In the beginning of “The Alchemist,” a very interesting perspective is given on how to interpret one’s purpose. Santiago was happy being shepard and even had the rest of his life mapped out. After years of roaming with his herd he was beginning to become ready to settle down, and perhaps go to the down of a girl he loved with the inclination to stay there. But, he had always had a confusing, recurring dream that there was treasure far away in Egypt. And not only that, after telling this dream to a gypsy, she had told him that he must go seek out this treasure. Santiago found himself looking at two different paths he could take. One path was extremely easy and led him only to the next town over, but also promised him
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