What Is The Purpose Of The Odyssey

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Provide significant details about the author (120-1): Homer
Homer, the author of “The Odyssey”, was believed to be blind. ("Homer")
Homer's’ writings were used to teach Greek students how to read in school (Beers 120).

Style\5 conventions (121) - The 5 conventions Homer uses in his writing are invocation
(invoking action), in medias res (middle of action), epic similes (comparing heroic events to events in everyday life), metrical structure (6 syllables per line so a passage will be easier for a speaker to memorize), and stock epithets (descriptive adjective) (Beers 121).
Philosophies- Greeks believed in many gods, and due to Homer’s blindness, many people believed that Homer had godlike abilities. This is because it was said by philosophers that after losing one sense other abilities became stronger, which meant that Homer’s other senses had become godlike (Beers 120). Every time the Greeks found something that they didn’t understand they created a God to explain the phenomenon (Massa). The main gods that appear in “The Odyssey” are Zeus, the god of the Sky, who saves Odysseus multiple times, Poseidon, the god of the ocean, who holds resentment toward Odysseus, Hades, the god of the Underworld, Athena, the goddess of wisdom, justice, war, civilization, and peace, and Hermes, the god of mischief, who saves Odysseus many times but fools around with him first. (Massa).

Criticism- I believe that Homer was criticized for the possible inaccuracy in his stories. Homer was
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