What Is The Rebel Belle Character Analysis

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The book I chose to read for the fourth quarter is called “Rebel Belle”. This book was written by Rachel Hawkins. I was excited to read this book because the cover looked very girly and it seemed like a book I would be interested to read. This book is about a girl named Harper Jane Price, whose life is suddenly changed forever, all because she forgot to put on her favorite lip gloss. On the night of the Homecoming dance, Harper is expecting to win the title of Homecoming Queen, dance the night away, and leave feeling happier than ever. But this plan didn’t exactly work out in her favor. She goes to the bathroom to freshen up and soon is faced with a dying janitor, a teacher with a scimitar, and an experience that will change her life forever.…show more content…
As an Oracle, he is highly valuable, and many other people want to take advantage of his powers. Saylor Stark is David’s aunt and she adopted him when he was very young. Saylor is the most respected woman in Pine Grove because she is the head of almost every important event or group, such as Cotillion. She is an elegant and classy woman who is also David’s Mage, or personal witch. The story is about a popular, girl named Harper Jane Price, whose life soon changes when she is trapped in the bathroom with a dying janitor. Harper ran into the ladies restroom to put on her favorite lip gloss before the homecoming dance, when the door was suddenly closed and locked by the janitor, Mr. Hall. He was panting and visibly wounded, and as she leaned down to help him, he pulled himself up to kiss her, dying right after. Dr. DuPont, her history teacher, flew into the restroom with a scimitar, ready to kill Harper. When he ran at Harper, an unknown super strength kicked in and Harper killed Dr. DuPont with her stiletto heel. Harper walked back into the bathroom to get her lip gloss a little while later and she saw that both of their bodies had disappeared like nothing had
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