What Is The Reflection OfThe Signature Of All Things?

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The exalted creatures of the universe are men and women. Every individual is unique when it comes to every aspect of life. Our purpose in life as people is to develop a life worth remembering; to learn, to build relationships, and to consistently grow intellectually. Labouring to contribute to the development of this space we call Earth is also known as life. An individual has the power to mold their life, yet taking action is the most essential ingredient to develop a life that is relevant and memorable. The excerpt, The Signature Of All Things written by Elizabeth Gilbert, exemplifies how a moment of learning and curiosity can change the life of an individual drastically. In my own experience, when someone strives for success, they will be faced with challenging situations and arduous decisions to be made. Individuals need to realize the power that they obtain which will allow them to become astute and have a life worth remembering.

Life is filled with opportunities. We can choose to invite opportunity in order to assist our ability to thrive, or ignore the opportunity due to the fear of failing, inevitably allowing an individual to remain in a tedious and routined life. The short story The Signature Of All Things introduces an optimistic character named Henry. The story begins at a ball in the “late summer of 1808” with a special guest, Maestro Luca Pontesilli, an Italian astronomer. During the ball, Pontesilli and the rest of the guest went outside to “re-create a

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