What Is The Relationship Between Number Of Siblings And High School Gpa?

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What is the relationship between number of siblings and high school GPA? Internal Assessment IB Math Studies Matteo Fantuzzi 000941-0025 Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School May 2015 Word Count:1,210 Words Table of content Introduction Page: 3 Information Page: 5 Mathematical processes Page:6 Interpretation of results Page: 9 Validity Page:10 Citations Page:11 Criterion A: Introduction The rivalry between Apple and Windows is now a days a normal discussion between experts, users and most of all students. Computers are now more than ever part of our lives and so society has evolved to fit this need into the education world. Almost every students has a personal pc or laptop, which is used for personal uses but most of all for school related activities. Students now a days use their pc to write essays, to do projects, or to work with peers trough the web, in order to complete most of today’s school task a pc is needed. However this laptops are not free, not at all, so different brands compete against each other’s to get the most number of students to buy their laptops. The two main companies are Apple and Windows. Apple’s laptop are beautifully designed and are easy to use as user interface and most of all are light with long battery life. However this come with a price, the great quality of the product and the brand itself make this laptop really expensive. Windows is an operative system, which is used on almost every other brand, this pc are more elastic and
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