What Is The Responsibility Matrix And What Is Its Purpose?

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RESPONSBILITY MATRIX What is the Responsibility matrix and what is its purpose? When planning a project it is necessary to assign the work on the project to the project team so that there will be one person responsible for each part of the project and it is clear who performs the work, with whom it should be consulted, and who is to be informed of this activity. The responsibility matrix is a tool used to define the powers of individual project team members for various parts of project works (work packages). In professional literature, it is referred to as RAM (Responsibility Assignment Matrix) or RACI matrix, according to the English abbreviated names of responsibility relations. We break down the project into work packages when preparing the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure – see WBS form) breakdown of work. For the sake of comprehensibility, we translated an RACI matrix to Czech. The following basic relations are distinguished: A – Accountable: Person authorized to approve the outcome of the concerned activities. Outputs from each activity (work package, areas) are subject to approval by the person who is actually responsible for it. Each activity must only be approved by one person. It is an error if this type of responsibility is not assigned or if the responsibility for a specific area is assigned to multiple persons, and it usually results in a situation when no one is responsible for the concerned matter, or everyone thinks the work will be done by someone else.

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