What Is The Right To Wear Seat Belt Essay

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If not wearing a seat belt is illegal and punishable by law in that state, I think officers did have right to stop the person. I know it’s not how it is not sounding right, but if I am an officer while on duty and see something suspicious, I think I will act as if I work in that jurisdiction. Officers are also citizens, so applying citizen arrest shouldn’t be against them. It is also an officer call to whether the arrest is reasonable and he believes that he has a probable cause toward that arrest. I think if the officer believe a crime has been commited or the law have been violated, they have the reasonable right to stop. This is actually what community messed up with probable cause or reasonable cause. It is hard to understand the law correctly, because the public don’t always know the rights and the meaning of it. I sometime did think police shouln’t stop me without committing any fault. This was before I take this class, but now I understand that a reasonable…show more content…
Yes the officers was not in their jurisdiction, they still should let a crime slide while watching. I know they can call other officers that works in that jurisdiction to investigate the case, but how long it can take them to arrive there. For the sake of citizens, I think officers should not have barrier on where they should arrest someone because the law is that they serve for the people. I don’t agree with the court decision though because the stop was for the traffic violation and then crime was committed after the stop. The officers did what I should have done if I was there. Even though the court said that the officers did not have the right to use citizen’s arrest while acting like officers, I don’t see the difference here. If a citizen can arrest bad guys and the officer cannot just because is not in his geographical jurisdiction area, there should have something
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