What Is The Role Of Corruption In Animal Farm

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“The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself”, from H.L. Mencken. Animalism, in Animal Farm by George Orwell, promises everything you could desire in a society: abundance in the things you need, equality, and less labor. Animal Farm is about a farm on which the animals believe that they are not being treated fairly, so they all decide to revolt against their farmer and create, what they think to be, a perfect society, called Animalism. Animalism in the book drew parallels to socialism in the Soviet Union in the 1940s. Unfortunately, like the Soviet Union, Animalism becomes corrupt because of tyrants at the top who lead the government, in this case, pigs. Slowly, but surely the socialist like…show more content…
They help the pigs succeed by not wanting to make their own decisions, promoting fear amongst the animals driven by violence, and their willingness to do any dirty work requested by the pigs. Ultimately, these choices have the largest effect in helping the pig’s rise to power. Having been in a corrupt country before, to see family, I see many parallels between the dogs and the military in African countries. In Kenya, instead of the military working to enforce the laws, more often they work to promote fear, in order to keep the corrupt government in place. For fear tactics, every time you see a police officer they have a large gun strapped to the front of his or her chest. They sometimes ignore people who are being robbed and take bribes from criminals who are trying to not get caught. From Animal Farm, I have learned numerous lessons, but one of the most important is that a good society needs checks and balances when it comes to the military. If they are not checks and balances in place, there can be a pooling of power which results in corruption like what we see in Animal Farm. Secondly, in order to be a good citizen in a Democratic-Republic make the choice that you know is right, instead of the most attractive choice, or else you can end up being part of the problem like the dogs. All in all, try to make your set-up your society in a way to avoid a pooling of power and try to make it better every chance you get by making the decision that you know is
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