What Is The Role Of Government In The Book 1984 By George Orwell

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The book 1984 deals with a man named Winston Smith, realizing that his government is not what it seems like. 1984 is a work of fiction about what could happen if government and media took control over the minds of the population. The government controls everyone’s house with televisions that never turn off, their thoughts and doings, and on signs it says "Big Brother is Watching You." The film describes a controlling, almost totalitarian, government with one leader, identified as Big Brother. His portrait is seen on posters that appear on nearly every wall in the city of London. Orwell refers the posters of Big Brother as “so contrived that eyes follow you about when you move.” In 1984, the job of the secret police is to spy for the government…show more content…
Everything you do is controlled by someone else, every step you take every move you make someone’s watching you. You are in fear of everything. The leaders abuse their powers to keep the people in a constant state of fear, by both physically and mentally torturing them into obeying with everything they say. They are stripped of anything that can let them express themselves. History is erased leaving them feeling lost, not knowing what the past was and what their future is capable of being. In 1984 the people where scared into following everything the party told them to do, they didn’t question or go against it. If they did then they “disappeared”, they were taken until they complied with what the party ideals were. They were tortured physically and mentally until they were brainwashed. Moreover, they were basically what the party called re-educated. The rules and regulations presented in 1984 are stricter against sexual acts, and the bonds between male and female, which affects people’s perception of love. “The only recognized purpose of marriage was to beget children for the service of the
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