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Of all literary forms, if drama is the most dependent upon and sensitive to its immediate audience, Poetry is what matters most to a contemporary mind. I.A. Richards once said, Poetry is the revelation of scholarship in men who constitute the intellectual upper limit of a generation. Whatever may be the elements of truth in it, this much is certain that fifty years before when science and technology did not make a rapid headway, Poetry was treated as the be all and end all of intellectual activities of man. In terms of poetry the scholarship of a nation was measured and assessed. The literary milieu in which Dr. Jayanta Mahapatra impinged was a milieu that was imbued with a classical scholarship. Myth, legend and folkore dominated the intellectual…show more content…
White-clad widowed women.
Past the centres of their lives are waiting to enter the Great Temple”
An ample Indianness is seen at its best in his poems about Odisha, where the local and the regional is raised to the level of the universal. Some of Mahapatra’s images, though they are not many, assume the shape of symbolism his poetry of such recurring images, mention may be made of human failures, nature, a process of disillusionment, and the majestic height. While discussing the poem “Mountain”, we have seen the application of the image of disillusionment, which usually denotes the eternity, facing the process of growth and decay.
Mahapatra offers fresh images of mountain, city, sun and factory in his verse. In his ‘The Mountain’, he writes thus:-
In the darkness of evening silence and pressure only
Multiplying, adding, subtracting,
In the abyssal heart.
The city occupies, a central place in Mahapatra’s poetry. Like the image of darkness, the image of city is linked with corruption and industrialization in modern human life. The city image is predominant in poem like ‘Snow in lowa City’. The following lines of ‘Snow in lowa City’ are worth citing in this

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