What Is The Role Of Religion In The 16th Century

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During the early 16th century, especially throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, religion and it's many branches evolved rapidly into a complex source of contention. This was mainly due to the reformation, a catalyst begun by 'Lutheran' ideals and the schism created in Roman Catholicism that created Protestantism, therefore initiating the fight for supremacy between these two religions. Moreover this resulted in the English reformation which had a momentous role to play in the Babington Plot; a plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I, a devout Protestant allowing her Roman Catholic cousin Mary Queen of Scots to usurp the English throne. In my essay my aim is to uncover to what extent the role of religion had to play in how this event came to fruition, and most importantly discover the varying aspects that led to the plot's mere creation.
The English Reformation which came to prominence in the mid 16th century played an imperative role in the unfolding of the Babington plot. King Henry VIII, was the figure behind the establishment of the Church of England, however he was known as the 'Defender of Faith' for his opposition to what saw as the 'radical' Luther reformation. Unlike that of Europe, Henry took what was considered as a moderate approach
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Mary I, widely known as 'Bloody Mary' attempted to return England to Catholicism. While acknowledging the relevance Mary I's role, due to the scope of this topic an analysis of her reign will not be discussed in detail. However, proceeding the annihilation of Protestantism under her seemingly tyrannical regime, came Queen Elizabeth I, who restored Protestantism back into England. The beginning of Elizabeth I's reign also signified the emergence of Queen Elizabeth and Mary Queen of Scots intricate relationship, which dominated English and Scottish politics for two
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