What Is The Role Of Slave Women In Slave Society

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In the harsh reality of the slave society, slave women were not in control of what was happening to them. Often a slave master would take a slave and have his way with them, raping them at will with no regards to feeling or moral standards. This benefited the slave-owners in two ways. First, he was able to satisfy his selfish desires with physical pleasure, and secondly, he could turn a profit soon after the baby arrived.[2] Frederick Douglass first realized experienced the horrors of slavery being a slave when his Aunt Hester disobeyed her master by going out when she was not supposed to. when he desired her to be present but she was out. Previously, her master told her not to go out but she did and was in the company of another man. Although Frederick Douglass was hiding he watched his aunt stripped, hung up and severely whipped until she was completely bloodied.[3] After that incident, the young Frederick Douglass saw a great deal of pain and suffering that came from the heavy cowskin whip for major…show more content…
“Killing a slave, or any colored person, in Talbot County, Maryland, is not treated as a crime, either by the courts or the community.”[4] When a slave was defiant and did not listen he could be shot. The slave Demby defied the overseer and ran into a creek, to avoid being whipped. Mr. Gore, the overseer, told him to get out. He refused and ______ shot him and Demby died in the creek.was shot and killed right in the creek.[5] Nothing happened to Mr. Gore. You could beat a young girl to death for a simple mistake and nothing would be done. Even in the most basic realm of life a slave had no control on whether they lived or died. Maybe add here how much a slave was worth in contemporary dollars. In 1864, the height of slave prices(as far as i can read) slaves were worth more than ever, roughly 80,000 dollars in today's money. Their worth made them
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