What Is The Role Of Slavery In African American Society

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Throughout their entire history, African Americans have been making a name for themselves. Their lives in America began with transatlantic slave trade and continued for around two and a half centuries with chattel slavery. African Americans built their cultural identity in a country that was constantly sabotaging them. Various political institutions and the general white population were always planning the black’s demise, but they were not going down without a fight. A defining time in African’s lives as they came to America was when the transatlantic slave trade developed at the beginning of the sixteenth century. Against their will, at least fifteen million Africans were transported to the Americas and the Caribbean.¹ When the United States emerged as an independent country in 1787, around 650,000 Africans were resettled as slaves. Here, Africans were immediately confronted with the harsh reality of body exploitation and forced labor for the benefit of whites. Anyone of African descent was labeled as private property. They were denied…show more content…
During the Civil War, Union and Confederate soldiers abused their power by sexually abusing black women. They were also abused by their owners, overseers, and drivers and though most women were submissive and allowed the abuse to happen, some took a risk and fought back. Another method women took was to evade sexual abuse subtly. For some women including Louisa, a Georgia house slave, this meant sleeping in a room with her master's children. When women could no longer evade the grasp of their pursuer, they were raped in front of their parents, husbands, and children who were all made to watch helplessly. Others who refused were also beaten, sold, or
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