What Is The Role Of The Audience In The Rhetorical Triangle

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Rhetoric is an act of persuasion. Aristotle believes that the most persuasive technique is the truth. He taught others that rhetoric is to be used for persuasion and not manipulation and that it is to be done ethically. When using rhetoric for persuasion, it is important to recognize the rhetorical triangle. The rhetorical triangle includes the speaker, the subject, and the person being addressed. This triangle also demonstrates the three modes of persuasion, logos, ethos, and pathos. The author must embody all parts of the triangle. The speaker must exhibit ethos through their credibility. The subject must encompass logos by making logical sense. The appeal to the audience must use pathos to be persuasive. When these three parts come together, a persuasive speech can be delivered. Of the three sections of the rhetorical triangle, the audience is the most important. I will demonstrate my argument of the role of audience in the rhetorical triangle throughout the essay. …show more content…

An author must know their audience in order for their work to be effective. If an author does not know who they are addressing many things can go wrong. A speech can be misunderstood or misinterpreted if it is not presented in a correct manner towards the audience. Confusion can lead to a lack interest and loss in audience. If one does not have the attention of their audience, they will not be able to clearly communicate what they intend to. Knowing one's audience can help the author better use the concept of pathos. The author will understand their emotions and be able to connect on a deeper level with their

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