What Is The Role Of The UNC?

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The relationship between the two organizations is a very active one. “First, the UNSC referral under Chapter VII of the Charter has the power to impose obligations on all member states of the Charter, regardless of their status as members of the ICC. (Aloisi, 151). The UNSC has the power to force their members to cooperate with their decisions.
Since the UNSC refers cases to the ICC, the ICC should be a body within the UNSC instead of its own organization. “Although not directly engaged in the creation of the permanent International Criminal Court, the Rome Statute gives the Security Council the authority to refer “situations” to the Court, thereby enabling the Court to exercise jurisdiction over states that have not accepted its
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“By early 2008, the ICC had cost the international community over $600 million and had yet to be anywhere near its first conviction.” (Barnett, 26). The large use of financial resources by the ICC has not shown to be worth the money. The ICC has also often been overlooked by the UNSC. “Thus, the UNSC itself should be in charge of enforcing cooperation. Secondly and more importantly, the practice of referral and deferral by the UNSC has been governed by political motives, thus diminishing in the eyes of the international community the legitimacy of the ICC’s work.” (Aloisi, 151). Political factors often get in the way of settling international disputes. It has been tough for the ICC to get full agreement amongst powerful nations within the ICC.
The ability to enforce cases referred by the UNSC has caused issues amongst nations involved in the ICC. These nations wish to see criminals prosecuted, but the ICC lacks the power. (Aloisi, 154, PPed). The UNSC should fix their relationship with the ICC if they wished to be successful. “The main problem remains one of cooperation and assistance from a political body such as the UNSC, which has the means to enforce cooperation, to a judicial body that lacks completely this kind of enforcement mechanisms.” (Aloisi, 155). Cooperation is crucial for the ICC. However, large nations like the United States are making this difficult. “For example, the United States succeeded in passing Security
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