What Is The Role Of Vandalism In The Kite Runner

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Afghanistan is a country which has been suffering since the rise of the Taliban on October 10th of 1994. This group of people have caused a lot of vandalism to the world and mainly to the people of Afghanistan for years, and they still are. Many people create assumptions around things or countries they know nothing of and that has become a big problem because these assumptions might not be true.“For more folks in the west, Afghanistan is often a sound bite on CNN about the Taliban, or the soviet war or maybe the land mines, “he says, “But i don’t think a lot of people have a sense of the culture. Some people don’t know it snows in Kabul. They think it’s all deserts and hot” (Khaled and Cowan). Hosseini’s novels educate and somewhat minimize the stereotypes and…show more content…
Some critics have declared A Thousand Splendid Suns even better than The Kite Runner. “While The Kite Runner was the story of redemption of male friendship and the bond between fathers and sons, Suns is a multigenerational story with a larger cast of characters, spanning 45years and told from the dual perspectives of two powerless women. The Kite Runner mostly depicts Afghanistan from a distance--the view its author has had of his native country since his native country since he emigrated to the Unites States in 1980. But Suns plants its characters in the middle of a war zone both outside and inside the home” (Reed). Again, these are just views of one critic but there are many critics out there who would beg to differ. “ A Thousand Splendid Suns is Hosseini’s much anticipated follow-up of the The Kite Runner, which sold eight million copies worldwide. It centers on two very different women born a generation apart: Mariam, born as the illegitimate daughter of a maid in the 1950s, when
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