What Is The Role Of Women In The Middle East

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References Cross, R. (2015, September 9). Women's Education in the Middle East. Retrieved from This article helped further my investigation because it provided me information on women in the Middle East and the type of education quality some of them receive, which is why it is also a comprehensive website for my topic. So, overall this website is relevant because it discusses useful information. It provides sufficient evidence with the references it provided at the end and because it is established by a non-profit organization, borgen project. It was started in 2003 and is aimed to fight against extreme poverty throughout the world. In addition, the timeliness is good because it was…show more content…
It did however; help better understand the basics of the question. So it is not relevant to the question nor is it comprehensive. Although, it wasn’t all that helpful it was reliable in terms of evidence and authority because Tampa Periodicals backed it, which is a reliable source. It was also released recently making the timeliness good and it was directed to those who receive Tampa Periodicals. Http:// (n.d.). The Equal Rights Amendment []. Retrieved from Based on the source above I was able to advance my research because it helped give me a better understanding of the concepts discussed in the question. After evaluating the website I determined that the source is relaveant to my question because it discuses the U.S. Constitution, which is mentioned in the question. Although the cite lacks evidence in terms of references, it seems reliable because it is a well made cite and is backed by Independence Hall Association, a nonprofit organization established in 1942 to educate the online public of U.S. history. The website is also timely because it was updated in 2017. THIS WEEK WITH CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR. (2011). This Week (ABC), 1. This source helped push me forward in my investigation because it helped me get my thoughts flowing since it was a discussion touching on topics of my question such as rights. It was not a reliable
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