What Is The Role Of Women In The 1800's

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There were not many jobs women could have in britain during the early and mid 1800’s. However, late in the decade women started to try to get jobs and break their stereotype as the weaker gender. They had to slowly change the social mores around women by slowly so that men would not try keep women from advancing. Thomas Hardy brought this into consideration when he wrote Far from the madding Crowd. Women In the late 1800’s Women began to challenge some of the social mores that bound them to society while keeping others ridged Bathsheba is a representation of this movement. In Great Britain there women were expected to behave a certain way. They were not supposed to do most jobs that are done on a farm. Women could not work in the fields. It was very uncommon for women to work as a bailiff and hire or fire farm hands. Many people believed that women could not manage a farm and not be trusted to supervise workers. Women were not supposed to be independent because men believed they were too fragile to survive in the world of men. Women also had to make sure that they always had a companion when they traveled. They also had to make sure that when they went to public events that they were dressed well because if they didn’t follow the social mores of the time then they could…show more content…
She directly ignores some of the social rules that women followed in Britain that have to do with a particular part of society. However,she treats all other aspects of how to live her life the way all other women in her time period do. She only rebels in one way and respects the social rules for her gender in every other way. This coupled with the fact that she lives far from any cities allows her to change men's attitude toward women farmers without putting herself in too much danger of being persecuted by her society. Thomas Hardy created her character to represent the beginning of the suffragist
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