What Is The Role Of Women In America Franco

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As you cleverly indicated, Vitoria Colonna and Veronica Franco were two of the few female writers during the 16th century, who became successful and famous. Furthermore, they were recognized not only in Italy, but in the rest of Europe too. On page 448 Cunningham indicates that Veronica Franco was a cortigiana onesta, who learned art and literature from her mother. She was also a well-known conversationalist. Additionally, she was savvy regarding the political affairs of her society. Moreover, she was well-trained to write poems utilizing the terza rima, a difficult form of writing verses. She left for the posterity, a controversial collection of verses, which frequently attacked the patriarchal system of the era, criticized the social and intellectual trends of the High Renaissance in Venice, as well as the ideals of gender in general. Only few people such as Dante Alighieri used terza rima to write his Divine Comedy, during this period. Being as skillful as Dante indicated how smart and well-educated she was.…show more content…
However, one has to recognize that these female writers were lucky to live during the time of Lutheran’s Counterreformation, a shift on the Aristotelian philosophy about women, and the printing apparition in
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