What Is The Romanticism Of Johnathan Keats And Wordsworth Poetry?

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During the eighteenth century, there came a time where people were turning away from the traditional way of viewing religion and society started producing their own individual perception of religion and human life. By the nineteenth century, the change was much more common than before. The term Romantic Expressivism became more important and it put a name to what the movement was called and it was just like seeking religious satisfaction through poetry. Romantic Expressisvism illustrates how poets and writers would make unorthodox perceptions of the order of the world and nature played a large factor as well (Charles Taylor). Poets such as Johnathan Keats and William Wordsworth used nature as a significant part in their own poetry. According to Charles Taylor, both Keats and Wordsworth fell into the category of formulating their own cosmic syntax and metaphysics of the modern world. Johnathan Keats and William Wordsworth poems show the metaphysical beliefs and their own perception of how the world is. Wordsworth and Keats have a lot in common when it came to construct their poems. They both wrote with their feelings, imagination and nature played a large role in poetry. In Keats letter, Authenticity of the Imagination it states, “I am certain of nothing but of nothing but of the holiness of the Heart’s affections and the truth of imagination--- What the imagination seizes as Beauty must be truth” (Keats 965). In that stanza, truth and holiness are to represent one’s heart
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