What Is The Rooney Rule? The Rooney Rule Was Established

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What is the Rooney Rule? The Rooney Rule was established to encourage diversity in coaching or any top management position in the National Football League. It required teams to interview a minority candidate before making a head coach or head management hire. Do NFL officials still need the Rooney Rule? Yes, the Rooney Rule has helped force owners to cast a wide net, going from who you know system to who’s the best system. What should be done about the lack of minority coaches and general managers? The NFL officials should make it clear that hiring minorities is a priority in all positions. In the past, black coaches were moved slowly up the ranks than white counterparts, despite equal performance and skill sets. White head coaches…show more content…
Of the eight teams in the last four Super Bowls, six of them had a black head coach or general manager. The Panthers, Jets, and Steelers are the only teams with coaching staffs composed of at least 50 percent minorities. Two- third of NFL team members are majority black, with only one- third minority coaches who can relate to these players. One prominent minority coach stated that he had been called every day to implement a better college program at another school because the head coach needed minority representation on staff to help with recruiting. The Rooney Rule is still evolving and growing to become better. NFL officials still are experiencing token interviews to full the mandate, when teams know all along they plan to hire someone else. The league can ensure that the teams follow the Rooney Rule by requiring teams to provide transcripts of interviews with minority candidates. That way, the NFL commissioner’s office could judge for themselves whether teams adhered to the rule. Among NFL decision-makers, should work on interview feedback, candidate feedback on what worked and what didn’t work, and what can even be better the next time, will help candidates as they continue their quests to become a head coach or manager. If the league does not follow the interview and candidate feedback method, there should be consequences, such as fines. There was once a hard time in the hiring cycle, but there have been a lot of changing hearts and
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