What Is The Scope Of A Cyber Attack On The US Power Grid?

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A. Scope of an Attack’s Effect The Council on Foreign Relations discusses a hypothetical attack on the United States, and how it affected the country as a whole. This theoretical incident could expand to approximately fifteen states within the country, experiencing a complete lack of electricity, (“A Cyberattack on the U.S. Power Grid”, CFR).While this is only an educated conjecture, there is evidence of an infrastructure attack targeting the entire city of Kiev in a complete blackout. B. Ability to Respond to/Minimize Threat In addition to the Scope of the effects, the ability to minimize and/ or block the attack, if done by knowledgeably bad actors, would be significantly unlikely (CFR, “A Cyber Attack on the US Power Grid). Yet…show more content…
Power Grid”). • Increase awareness of current risks and exploits that can be used against the network/s or other technology components (INL, 25). • Increase knowledge where to find trusted sources of information that states how to configure hardware and software to inhibit/block attacks and minimize current exploits (CFR, “A Cyberattack on the U.S. Power Grid”). B. Best Practices • Updated technology requires updating best practices to lessen possible exploits (INL, 25). • Use the trusted information from resources instructing security configurations for new threats, (INL, 25). • Implement security in layers rather than simply one form of protection (INL, 25). C. Standards • Operate within Federal and State standards (INL, 23-24). • Operate within industry adopted standards (INL 24). • Implement security in layers rather than simply one form of protection (INL, 25). III. Additional Research Though there are many ways to make the power grid more secure, the improvements suggested: resources, best practices, and standards, will improve the current problem of cyber attacks. A. The Application of Increased Resources Due to the fact that resources come in many different forms and are absolutely vital in technology, there is immense value that it brings. However, with increased capabilities, there is an increased responsibility
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