What Is The Scope Of Educational Psychology

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Educational psychology is based on study of learners, learning and teaching. (salvin, 2003). Therefore, educational psychologist works are focus on emotional needs of the learners and to understand how to structure educational systems in order to meet the mental. So, they concentration on how the learners will learn, identify and suggest well-organized teaching method. As well as, Educational psychologist contribute to science and practice for improving society. Scope of educational psychology is the areas of study that are included in a particular subject.
Scope of educational psychology
1. Study of stages of child development
This is the stages of children growth and develop their cognitive, physical and emotional development. In addition, how the child grow stages by stages is learners to know the help of studying stages of child development and also to identify the characteristics of each stages as well. The children will grow their cognitive, physical and emotional development. There are the some benefits of studying the stages of child development for teachers and learners. If the teacher study stages of child development, then teacher is understanding of basic child developmental stages can be used to teaching kit in the teachers lesson plan. On the other hand, learners improve social and emotional behavior and
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Individual differences is a one of the facts of human nature. Moreover, study how people differ and why people differ from one to another. By studying individual differences is to understand and change in the approach to educating and supporting students. As well as, to provide information training and social emotional well-being of different learners. Teachers will easily understand the individual differences of students regarding their abilities of growth and development. In addition, students take their own responsibility for learning is self-regulated and self-motivated in learning
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