What Is The Selection Process

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Selection Process

This research paper will contain information about the selection process in human resource management.
What is the selection process?
The selection is the process of choosing applicants with the best competence and qualifications to handle specific jobs in an organization. Once you have made your recruitment plan, recruited applicants, and now have a large number of people to choose from, you can start the selection process. The selection process is the process to the steps involved in choosing applicants who acquire the right qualifications and skills to fill a future or a current job opening. Most of the time, supervisors and managers will be mostly responsible for the hiring of new individuals, but the role of human resource management is to guide and define managers in this selection process. Just the same as the recruitment process , the selection process has high costs. The time and work for all individuals involved in the hiring process whether to review résumés, weight and study the applications, and interview the best candidates usually takes away a lot of time, and costs money as well, that those individuals might spend on other responsibilities or activities. In addition, there are the costs of testing the candidates and bringing them in from the place they reside for interviews.
Definition of
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Recruitment is the process of finding and encouraging employees to apply for a specific job, while selection is about choosing the right candidates from a pool of applicants. Also, recruitment is known to have a positive approach as it tries to attract the highest possible number of applicants, but selection has a negative approach in its application, because it tries to eliminate as many unqualified applicants as possible to be able to identify the right candidates.
The process of
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