What Is The Significance Of Piggy's Glasses In Lord Of The Flies

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phan,anna: *Piggy's glasses are very significant to Lord of the Flies. Piggy relies on his glasses and they represent his intelligence. When "he took off his glasses... an expression of pain and inward concentration altered the pale contours of his face" (page 9). When the boys are starting a fire, they use "his specs... as burning glasses" (page 40). Without his glasses, Piggy can only see "jus' blurs" (page 41) and can hardly see his hand. Piggy has been wearing his glasses since he was three and can hardly see without them. He relies on them and feel safer with them. When he takes them off, he can only see blurs and is very concentrated because he can barely even see his hand. His glasses are very important because they represent intelligence
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