What Is The Similarities Between 1984 And The Zamyatin's We

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One of the most difficult, and yet perhaps most revealing means of investigating the proclivities and flaws, of the contemporary age, is to compare two literary works of two different ages, and countries, with a common background; from the days of the early Greeks, the fear of man's cruelty towards another, has been manifested in the form of the dystopian novel; the fact that these novels are labelled as "dystopian", which would indicate that they share a set certain characteristics. A good illustration of the similarities of these works, can be found in Orwell's 1984, and Zamyatin's We. For example, some of these certain characteristics in both novels include: a repressive, and totalitarian society; a victim of that government repression; and an attempted to defeat the society. The benefits of this type of comparison can highlight the ways, in which talented authors from different ages, employ similar methods in skillful ways, which come true in the two dystopian novels, 1984 and We. It seems that, George Orwell, the author of 1984, and Eugene Zamyatin, the literary writer of We, had connection, and…show more content…
Both 1984 and We, have two aspects: explaining a totalitarianism’s characteristics, and predicting the future of the world, which becomes true in some cases. Then, for understanding these aspects, and having a pleasure time of reading this thesis, the reader should know, or at least be familiar, with literary devices, literary schools, and literary criticism; in one word the reader should be a literary
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