What Is The Similarities Between Flowers For Algernon And The Garden Of Eden

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Does knowledge really bring true happiness? In the story Flowers for Algernon Charlie Gordon is a 37 year old, mentally challenged man, who wants nothing more than to be smart. Well he got his chance to be smart and he took it; he was chosen for an operation that could change his life and make him much more intelligent than he actually was. Charlie thought being smart would make him “normal” but the operation ended up being unsuccessful. He went back to the way he was. In the story The Garden Of Eden, Adam and Eve were chosen to be the first humans. They chose to bite from the tree of knowledge and disobey God. They were punished to live life and then die. Both Charlie Gordon, and Adam and eve resemble each other in many ways. Both Flowers for Algernon and the Garden of Eden are both similar as they both thought biting from the tree of knowledge would bring them intelligence. In the beginning of the story of Flowers for Algernon, Charlie was blessed with happiness, but always desired to be smart. Just like the story the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve did not necessarily wanted to be smart, but wanted to be like God and wanted to experience the knowledge like God had. Charlie knew no other life outside of his job and school and he liked his…show more content…
Knowledge isn't power. This relates in Flowers for Algernon because he who believed if he was “normal” or smart like everyone else he would have more friends or live a better life. This wasn't true at all. He ended up losing friends and being an outcast. In Adam and Eve they also believed knowledge was power. They believed that if they bit from the tree of knowledge they would gain knowledge and be like god. Another theme is think about it before you risk it all. Charlie risked his happiness to be “normal” or be “just like everyone else” ,Adam and Eve risked their freedom in hopes to find knowledge or
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