What Is The Similarities Between Lord Tennyson And The Romantic Era

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English poetry in the nineteenth century blossomed from the Romantic Period to the end of the Victorian era. The Romantic era is an intellectual movement commenced in the Europe for the approximate period dating from 1789 to about 1830. Romantic poets cultivated elements such as physical and emotional enthusiasm, individualism, admiration for the nature and an interest in myth and superstitions. Victorian era, on the other hand, was a period of massive political, social and economic change. This essay comprises of the comparative analysis on the poetry work of Percy Bysshe Shelley and Alfred, Lord Tennyson highlighting on two main themes, the figure of the poet and nature. Born on August 4, 1792, Percy Bysshe Shelley belongs to the second…show more content…
Tennyson’s poetry and the man himself both present a very different image of the poet to that of Shelley. Tennyson showed and early talent and ability for writing. At the age of twelve, he wrote a 6000 line impressive poem. He used writing as a means of off-putting his mind away from troubles. After spending four miserable years in school, he was tutored by his father Reverend George Tennyson in classical and modern languages. In 1827, Tennyson escaped home to attend Trinity College in Cambridge and join hands with his brother, Charles to publish Poems by Two Brothers in the same year. This literary work gained the attention of the “Apostles” an undergraduate literary club directed by Arthur Hallam. Tennyson and Hallam almost immediately became best friends; they traveled around Europe together twice, in 1830 and again in 1832. Hallam’s unexpected death in 1833 deeply affected Tennyson, the long elegy In Memoriam and several of his other literary works are tributes to Hallam. He published Poems, Chiefly Lyrical in 1830 and a second volume entitled simply Poems in 1832, Tennyson was stung by the negative comments from some of the reviewers saying these books as “affected” and “obscure” which hold back his desire to publish any books for nine years. He became engaged to Emily Sellwood in 1836 and lost his inheritance on a bad venture in 1840 which roots the Sellwood’s family to call off the

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