What Is The Similarities Between Of Mice And Man And The Stranger

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Of Mice And Men And The Stranger
The way life is presented in “OMAM” there is brotherhood and the characters work together to fulfill a dream of theirs, George and lennie are hard working men looking for a job and they are dedicated to get their own land and they want to succeed , In “The Strangers” human existence in life does not matter just like how Meursault acts he doesn’t really have a life goal and just goes with the flow of life and Meursault is just a passive character that is clueless to what is happening around him and is a insensitive person. In “OMAM” and “The Strangers”, human existence is portrayed differently by murder, values and society.

The overview of life In the novels “of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck and "The stranger” by Albert Camus, are completely different there is death in both of the novels in OMAM George had to kill Lennie because he killed Curley's wife George didn’t want to kill Lennie because of their brotherhood but he did it for the best of Lennie, In The Strangers Meursault murders a Arab and goes to jail, after he goes to court and the judge serves a death penalty to him he accepts death and says everyone will die soon. This shows that in OMAM life is valuable and never taken for granted. but in The Strangers life is taken for granted and is not important.

In “OMAM” the theme of the novel teaches a life lesson about the nature of human existence, John Steinbeck uses the words of characters and action to convey
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