What Is The Similarities Between The Ancient And Ancient Egypt?

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The term Homo sapiens (‘wise man’) that had been coined by Carolus Linnaeus was made to highlight the superiority of men in the entire kingdom Animalia, specifying the high level of intelligence and intellect of the entire species. However, an advanced and complex structure of a group of humans that flourish and exhibit a large extension of progress is called a civilization (Bartlett, 2012). Modern humans owe the success and the continuous growth of their way of living, culture, technology, medicine, language and vast knowledge to their ancestors who had thrived hard to help themselves overcome the difficulty of life without having the advance technology that twenty-first century humans have. The accomplishments, wisdom and knowledge they have…show more content…
The ancient Egyptians and the Incas Comparing these two civilizations, the ancient Egyptians and the Incas, differing in timeline, location, language and culture, major similarities had been detected. It would have not been questionable if these two civilizations were found near to each and with their timeline almost similar, but that is not the case. Nobody knows the truth behind the ancient civilizations that existed before their time and not much written materials are left behind to prove the theories that are formulated by modern humans about their primitive ancestors. Some people are also not entertained by the theories about extra-terrestrials landing on planet Earth, aiding humans and possibly were treated as gods due to their superior knowledge, technology and perhaps power. However, an open mind is needed in order to at least somehow, become closer to the
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