What Is The Similarities Between The Ottoman Empire And The Mughal Empires

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In the Ottoman Empire, non-Muslim communities were given a state recognition and protection according to the Islamic tradition. As for the Mughal Empire, it was considered as a powerful Islamic Empire that ruled in a country with a substantial number of Hindu people. Thus, there are many similarities between the Ottoman and Mughal Empires. Both of these great empires were Sunni Muslims that mainly controlled non-Muslims. The Ottoman Turks can be related to one of the groups of Muslim warriors who lived on the border of the Byzantine Empire in the western part of Anatolia (Stearns 26). However, when Byzantine emperors' power weakened, the conquest of nearby regions by the Ottoman warriors began. These warriors also can be called as «gazis»…show more content…
Zahir al-Din Muhammad Babur was a founder of India’s Mughal Empire; furthermore, he was a Chaghatai-Turkish prince and a direct descendant not only of Timur but also of Chinggis Khan (Balabanlilar 2). There was an effective centralized rule that was provided by the Mughal dynasty to the Indian subcontinent during the first half of the Mughal period (Stearns 32). During the Mughal era, the process of converting of Hindus to Islam started (Stearns 32). It should be emphasized that this process appeared when the Delhi sultans were reigning. In spite of the fact that a substantial portion of the Indian peasantry decided to remain Hindu, most of the urban dwellers, lower-caste Hindus and residents of some regions, for example, east Bengal, without any compulsions, accepted the faith of the Mughal sultans (Stearns 32). Nonetheless, according to the article of Peter Stearns, there was a reason why some people converted to Islam; it was because of the political and economic pressures that rendered by the Mughal conquerors (32). Due to these conversions from Hinduism to Islam, the religious map of India was substantially changed (Stearns

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