What Is The Similarities Between Tokyo And Hong Kong

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Tokyo and Hong Kong--Counterparts or Enemies?

In the light of proximity, Hong Kong and Japan are compared regarding different aspects. But when it comes to the deciding hour, who will overpower their combatant? According to Balmforth (2012) “There is no single answer of one city better than another because each city has its own special qualities and its own potentials”. Indeed, both cities are well-known as travel destinations, Japan was elected the second-best destination in Asia (Lonely Planet,2017) and Hong Kong was called ‘Shopping Paradise’(HSBC,2011). They can differ toto caelo while share many similarities. In order to comprehend more about Tokyo and Hong Kong, their historical background, economic development, transportation, air
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Tokyo was once a small fishing village called Edo. After the Meiji ‘Enlightened Rule’ Restoration, Edo was given the present name Tokyo which means 'east capital' and has become the new capital of Japan until now(Everett-Heath,2014). Likewise, Hong Kong was a fishing village. Hong Kong was once a British crown colony. The city is named the 'Fragrant Harbour’(Everett-Heath,2014). Not only does Hong Kong symbolizes high degree of autonomy(“,”2017), it also renders 'east meet west' vividly (HK Magazine Media Group, 2015). The origin of two cities may seem the same, however, they diverge into disparate…show more content…
Tokyo and Hong Kong are busy commercial cities with rapid economic development while both have suffered from economic setback back in the 1980s (Colombo,2012)and 1990s(Hong Kong Institute of Economics and Business Strategy,2000). The capital of Japan holds 19.4% of Japan’s GDP. The city contains ample variety of industries, including a cluster of corporate headquarters and medium-sized enterprises that boast sophisticated technology and high level of productivity (Japan External Trade Organization, n.d). In contrast, Hong Kong has a GDP of HK$ 627,035 Million in 2017. Hong Kong mainly caters in the traditional Four Key Industries including financial services, tourism, trading and logistics, and professional and producer services (Census and Statistics Department,2017). Hong Kong citizens uphold the Value of Central District, putting the pursuit of economic growth in the first priority(The South China Morning Post, 2012). Not surprisingly, the ways of two cities develop economy differ a
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