What Is The Similarities Between Wilfred Owen And The Bright Lights Of Sarajevo

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In the poems “Disabled” by Wilfred Owen and “The Bright Lights of Sarajevo” by Tony Harrison, both poems present the realities of war. However, both differ in terms of setting and contrast that help depict the similarities of their theme. Disabled takes place within World War I as Owen vividly describes the subject’s amputation. The sounds of the children playing hysterically causes him to reflect back to when he once was whole. However, within the Bright Lights of Sarajevo although Harrison discusses the consequences of partaking in war within the town, he illustrates the way in which life goes on regardless the horrific impact which has been left behind. Through use of setting and contrast, both poets contribute in presenting the theme…show more content…
“He was drafted in drums and cheers...some cheered him home, but not as the crowd cheers goals. Only a solemn mad thanked him” Owen shows the irony of the poem by showcases the perspectives of the people. Owen compares the casting of war to a football game. Usually when going off to war or starting a game the soldier is drafted out in cheers by thousands of people and you would expect the same level of cheers to return to or finish with. However in this case only one person thanked him for the hard work which he produced at war. The quote then showcases the irony of the poem. The readers then begin to realize how insensitive people are to completion of war. The insensitivity of people then causes the readers to feel enormous pity and compassion towards the subject on showing bestowed respect and honour towards…show more content…
“In those two rain-full shell-holes the boy sees fragments of the splintered Pleiades, sprinkled on those death-deep, death-dark wells.” Harrison showcases the scenery of the wells which served as hideouts during war. The word “dark” is synonymous to shadowy and danger, but is not in relation to the title. The title is stated as “the bright lights or Sarajevo”. The word “bright” means the complete opposite of the content throughout the poem. In this case, the word bright relates to the townspeople and the way and which they revert back to reality after war is completed. As the readers begin to read the title and progress on through the poem, they tend to come to realization as to how dangerous war is and finding alternative ideas that can help to revert back to
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