What Is The Size Of Your Market?

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Industry Facts
• What is the size of your market? o There are hundreds of thousands of churches here in America, all of which could benefit from paid social media advertising and expert advice. Although midsize-to-mega church sized churches are more likely able to afford such services.
• What is the current demand in the target market? o With amount of churches in America and the church’s overall dive in numbers, there is certainly a high demand for effective church social marketing services. Churches need to relearn how to reach people and how to encourage them to stay in the house of God within the current culture in America. Taking into account that there are hundreds of thousands of churches, most of which are not investing in such
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o The increasing trend of social media use is also ever present. There were almost 2 billion people on Facebook in 2016 alone and 400 million on Instagram (Chaffey, 2106, p.1). Furthermore, approximately “one-in-five Americans share their faith online” (Pew Research Center, 2015, p.1)
• What is the growth potential? o The growth potential is limitless due to the fact that many churches are not taking advantage of such services and the overarching mission of each church is to reach people.
• What are barriers do you face in entering this market and how can you overcome them? o Churches may not be able to afford or feel the need to invest in paid advertising. Their invest into paid advertising would include my fee of $2,000-$2,500 plus their monthly ad spent of at least $3,000. This would be a monthly investment of a least $5,000. I would mostly likely limit my reach to midsize and large churches that already have a strategy that just needs to be further developed. Furthermore, I have never run church specific advertising so churches may question my ability because they think church marketing is so different than other verticals and it is not. Understanding how to effectively reach people is the same no matter the platform. I will overcome this possible setback by explaining my true expertise is in reaching brand specific target audiences.
• How might a change in technology, government

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