What Is The Social Impact Of Superhero Comic Book?

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Do you know that in the World War Ⅱ, 25% of the magazines shipped to the frontier by the United States were superhero comic books? It seems that we had a lot of geeks in our valiant troops. But now when we talk about superhero comic books, a lot of people just assume that we are talking about childish cartoon things, and refuse to take this seriously. Superhero comic books are not children’ s books. They have been discussing many profound problems about the situation of our society. Superhero comic books offer both strong hero figures and anti-hero figures that become a beacon of many social concerns. Also, the styles of these superhero comic books become a part of the American pop culture. Some people even believe that the American has truly become a comic book nation(Ozersky). The social impacts of superhero comic…show more content…
Marvel and DC, the two major companies have created their own cinematic universes. The success of these superhero films at the box office shows that there is an ongoing desire for these costumed crusaders(Sawyer). The extensions of the superhero comic books are not only blockbuster movies, but also songs, games, paintings and styles. The theme song of Spiderman has been quite an ear worm ever since the beginning. Many pop singers also put superman in their songs. Some actors and actresses are highly praised by their outstanding performance in these superhero films, such as Robert Downey Jr., Heath Ledger and Gal Gadot. The plot and the heroic saga of Batman's comic books are even comparable to one of the greatest heroic epics: Beowulf. The heroic deeds of the Batman can be traced back to the heroic tradition of Beowulf, and the Batman series are seen as the extension of this tradition in pop culture(Rollin). What's more, the first edition of Action Comics which Superman came up for the first time is now worth 3 million dollars. Isn't that so extremely expensive for a comic
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